Yesterday I wrote an initial post about a new project. A new idea that it’s in my mind since last month.Inspiring Kangaroo was the initial name that I gave to the project. Inspiring because I love the inspiration that comes from places, countries, people, business, languages, cultures, experiences… AndKangaroo, because this animal has been my icon since 2005, when I chose it as my blog’s

But I feel that letter K is a powerful character. It has a powerful character.

  • K is the symbol of Capital. Not only in a economic sense, also in the sense of Knowledge.
  • K is Kangaroo. The animal that symbolizes how to jump to other level. But little kangaroos are also protected by big Kangaroos. The young of kangaroos remain in the mother’s pouch, or marsupium, while they develop, and until they are independent enough to live outside the pouch. Good philosophy.
  • K is also Key. Key for success, key for happiness, key for awareness, key for wholeness.
  • K is Km. It’s distance. It’s Challenge. 10K, 20K, Marathon, IronMan

This is the reason I finally chose InspiringK as the official project’s domain. I hope you will be inspired.

Welcome to InspiringK


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