This is my second month in San Francisco. I decided to come here last June to learn more about the way of business in the city and Silicon Valley. Some of the things that I have seen are really amazing, not only in the business sense, but also in the way of life and people’s behaviour.

New Wave of Tourism: Experiences and Knowledge

I have visited 67 countries around the world, including some interesting cultures like Iran, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Philippines, Myanmar, Madagascar, Cuba or China. In the last 10 years travelling, I have noticed a decreasing interest to “see” things, but on the other hand, my interest to “experience” things has raised exponentially. I think is the new way in tourism. People around the world are beginning to be more interested in know more about cultures, behaviors, thoughts, ways of life during their trips, and for example, for me it’s much more interesting and inspiring a pasta party dinner in a Chinese-American house in Berkeley with my new university student friends before a Marathon race, than take pictures to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Being a Spaniard makes me proud. You are European, you are cool, yo have attitude to speak to strangers… but in the last years I’m noticing that we have to learn a lot from other cultures.

Be Inspired

One of the best things to do in San Francisco is to meet new people in all kinds of environments: Start-up Events, Yoga Lessons, Dancing Salsa, Drinking in a Bar, in a restaurant, Running… whatever. And, all of this people have a lot of possibilities to be great. They are here because they now San Francisco is diverse, is happy, is booming. This environment attracts new ideas, thoughts and creativity.

A lot of ideas have come to my mind since I got here. This inspiring environment lets you think in a different way. This is the reason why I’m going to start a new project.

My New Project

I want to start this project in the same way I started almost 10 years ago: Explaining all the steps involved in the creation of the project. When I started Blogsfarm SL in Madrid and I quit my job one year after, I received a lot of emails asking me questions about the process. This was an good source of inspiration for me to write and work harder. As far as I planned more steps and strategies to develop, my motivation was raising. And Motivation is the most important factor to achieve a goal.

My new project is in a very early stage of conception. I would like to explain a little bit more about it as far as I design it and decide about all the points. To give you a quick idea about what is going to be, I can tell you this:

  • It’s going to be a service. Online and Offline
  • It’s going to include a public blog in English and Spanish explaining all the process of creation and evolution.
  • It’s not going to be free. In fact, I think is going to be expensive.
  • It’s going to be a kind of  “club” or “community”. When you pay your monthly or annual fee, you are in, and you can have access to all the opportunities.
  • What kind of opportunities? Well, I’m thinking in that. But maybe you are interested about:
    • Learn about how to create a company in USA with some of the best lawyers specialized in Startups.
    • Invest Money in new Internet Companies in USA and all over the world
    • Meet interesting people from Different countries.
    • Learn new skills in different fields: Languages, sports, dancing, meditation, seduction, business, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Genomics, Drones…
    • Travel to amazing places and live new experiences.
    • Laugh
    • Learn useless skills
  • The way to be updated to all the opportunities will be using normal tools like: Google Groups, Forum, Whatsapp, Phone numbers…
  • It’s not going to be a coaching service.
  • It’s not going to include fixed services. Only access to information and opportunities.

I want to keep the project as simple as I can. I’m in the thinking and designing process right now, and I would be very pleased if you want to share with me your opinion and comments about it. You can find me in gruiz [at]

To end this post, I want to invite you to join to our new mailing list: Inspiring Kangaroo. It’s going to be the first step in the project, and a good tool for me to measure potential interest in this kind of services. See you in the list.

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